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Dog mom, wife, and wedding planner. I love any reason to throw a party & believe there's magic to be found in celebrations. I can't wait to meet you!

i'm cheyenne

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If you know me at all, you know that Studio Mcgee is MY GIRL.
So, in honor of her weekly Sunday 7 blog, let’s do our own little Sunday 7 right here!

The Sunday 7


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Holy Moly the moment is finally here! It’s time to marry my high school sweetheart, my favorite person in the whole world and technically, my husband for the second time! DJ and I chose to elope on our original wedding date on June 13th, 2020 when COVID-19 forced us to postpone our wedding to September 18th, 2020.



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Are y’all ready for this?! The design was my favorite part of planning our wedding, and I had to make sure every detail was absolutely perfect! I will try to condense my thought processes for each section of our wedding day, but no promises! So, here goes nothing!



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Before we can get to the story of our wedding day, we first need to establish how we met. DJ and I met in the locker room at Patrick County High School. He was a wrestler, and I ran cross country that fall. At the time, I was definitely *not* interested in the bad boy that was DJ Painter. I told him to clean up his act and try again in the future because I couldn’t deny how handsome he was.



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